Auto Post To Facebook Groups 2023

Post to multiple groups in one click support [video,photos]


Facebook Video Carousel Post

Get more chance for people like, and follow to your pages

Clone FB Reels & Video to carousel

Clone Reels & Video to carousel post just one click !!!

Claim Groups as Admin

Claim any facebook groups that dosen't have admin

TikTok To Carousel Post

Clone tiktok video to carousel post just one click !!!

Pro Bulk Search Facebook Group

Automatic bulk searching Groups by Keywords

Emergency Group Posts Remover

Remove posts in public group that you are moderator or admin

Facebook 2 Card Video Carousel Post

Create 2 video card Carousel Get more chance for people like, and follow to your pages


Bulk upload mutiple videos to reels & Clone any tiktok to facebook reel. not recommended to upload more than 20 reels in short time

Bulk Generate One Card Link

Bulk generate one card links by urls (this tool required active ad account)

Generate One Card V2

Create One Card Post with fake albums clickbait (this tool required active ad account)


Extract Groups List From Facebook Post

Become marketing expert and extract groups list from facebook liked post.( FB Limit ) can extract only 3000 - 5000 groups / 12 hr / fb account

Page Posts Analyzer (Viral Finder)

Become Re-Content master get most viral posts from any facebook page

Clone Carousel Post (PE Clone)

Clone any carousel post just one click ..


Clone Content From any facebook pages to your own page, this tool support [album,video,picture,link,caption]

Public Group Posts Analyzer (Viral Finder)

Become Re-Content master get most viral posts from any facebook public groups

Picture Carousel Post (PE Post)

Picture carousel post just one click ..

Get Public Groups From Any FB Profile

See which groups they are joined, this is quite useful for social engineering , reconnaissance ..etc / see what people are interested with

Admin Group Posts Cleaner V2

Delete All Posts in your groups that you are admin or moderator

Scan Group IDs and Get Group Information

Extract group information by bulk scanning group IDs. get details such as group name, member count, daily posts, admin, and location

Magic Link Generator

Useful for who work with affiliate (Shopee / Lazada / etc) which convert text to clickable link (This Trick Only work with group posting)

High Speed Page Posts Remover

Bulk remove page posts by range of date / contents type, support multiple threads 100% clean all posts in your page


Extract Groups IDs Where Post Shared

Reverse sharing copying sources of share post from someone who is spamming, and creating your own list of groups to share with. (Slow)

Facebook One Card Video Post

Generate One Card Video With Like Buttons

Share Link To Multiple Pages

Share link Post to multiple pages

Facebook One Card Link Image Post

Generate big scale Link cover image post with fake display website

Extract UIDs from post

Extract facebook UID (User ID) from any facebook posts

Extract UIDs from group

Extract facebook UID (User ID)of group members from any groups

Bulk Extract Groups List From Hashtags

Get a list of groups and IDs by bulk scanning hashtags. This tool is useful for finding relevant groups to share your posts with.


Auto Create Multiple Facebook Pages

Creating Pages Profile with business account

Bulk Share Groups With Pages

Share post to groups with pages (Please do not use your main account this tool can be risk to get spam)


Multi FB Groups Share Post

Share post to multiple groups, with multiple accounts rotation

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